Fronteers Conferencer 2012

October 21, 2012

My first Fronteers Conference. Interesting talks and hang out with fellow front end developers. This page displays a list of all videos of the 2 day event.

I can smell your CMS
Phil Hawksworth
Open Source ain't free
David DeSandro
Using JS to build bigger, better datavis to enlighten and elate
Alex Graul
Ten things I didn't know about HTML
Mathias Bynens
More CSS secrets: Another 10 things you may not know about CSS
Lea Verou
Beyond simple transitions, with a pinch of JavaScript
Peter Nederlof
JS Minty Fresh: Identifying and Eliminating Smells in Your Code Base
Rebecca Murphey
What the legacy web is keeping from us
Alex Russell
The State of HTML5 Video
Jeroen Wijering
A Pixel is not a pixel
Peter-Paul Koch
Accessibility on the web
Antoine Hegeman, Bor Verkroost, Bram Duvigneau & Chris Heilmann
Adapting to Responsive Design
Mark Boulton
Style guides are the new Photoshop
Stephen Hay
The New And Improved Developer Toolbelt
Addy Osmani